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Mineral Based Roll-On Sun Care Brand Expands in Retail with Target Roll-Out 

February 18, 2021, Project Sunscreen, the Aussie inspired, dermatologist-developed sunscreen brand has launched at Target. Project Sunscreen’s “Tropical Palms” and “Aerial Beach” rollerball designs have rolled out to an initial 130 stores and are also available on the Target website.  

“This is a dream come true” said Co-Founder Rachel Henderson. “What started as an idea after struggling to apply sunscreen on my kids, has evolved into an exciting reality as we hit the retail big league”.


"Having spent countless months working on a concept," said Henderson "I decided late one night to sneak into my local Target and place my bottles, with photocopied labels stuck to them, on the shelf. I stood back and was in awe of the opportunity I could see in front of me. It was my ah-ha moment."


“For any small business, to be carried by Target is such an endorsement and recognizes the commitment we’ve made to develop a clean sunscreen that’s not only fun to apply, but suitable for all skin types” says Henderson.


Project Sunscreen features a unique roll-on applicator, patent pending cap topper for portability and 100% mineral ingredients. The award winning, distinctive designs are inspired by Australia's unspoiled beauty, including iconic Bondi Beach and the tropical rainforests of Queensland.

"Our brightly colored bottles, with distinguishable cap toppers popping out among more established brands, made me realize that this idea was worth fighting for.”


The brand's "For All" line is all-inclusive and is perfect for applying on to wriggly babies and kids. Additionally, active teens and adults find the easy roll-on applicator delivers the perfect amount of sunscreen to prevent mess and waste.


"When we created Project Sunscreen, it was essential to us to develop something that was both good for your skin and good for the environment," Henderson continued. "It was also vital that we created something to encourage sun-safety habits, and a sunscreen that people actually wanted to use. We believe that our roll-on applicator coupled with our beautiful designs, clean formula and fun cap toppers help achieve that” 


All products in the Project Sunscreen collection are reef-safe, ocean-friendly, and formulated from 100 percent mineral active ingredients, including naturally derived zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Always free of harsh chemicals, like oxybenzone and octinoxate, Project Sunscreen meets the safe sunscreen legislation passed in Hawaii, Key West, and other coastal regions. It's PETA approved, and fragrance; dye, paraben and PABA-free. Project Sunscreen is SPF 50 and provides the broadest range of UV protection and is safe for all types of skin.



About our Co-Founders

Learn more about the founders of Project Sunscreen.


co-founder & ceo

A native of New Zealand and Australia—two countries with some of the harshest sun conditions in the world—Rachel learned early on that sunscreen use is a must. Now, raising two young kids in Southern California, she saw a need to encourage sun-safety habits and wanted to develop an effective product that kids will actually want to use. Her background in public health and clinical research provided the perfect foundation for developing a new sunscreen.

Finding a sunscreen that was easy to use and didn’t cause skin sensitivity issues was challenging. Whenever Rachel visited New Zealand and Australia, she’d bring back her favorite roll-on sunscreens. These became the go-to sunscreen for all her family and friends, since they were quick, easy to use, and fun. She shared her idea with her dermatologist friend Ashley, and they decided to combine their talents and create Project Sunscreen.



co-founder & board-certified dermatologist

Specializing in general, cosmetic, and pediatric dermatology at her own private practice, Manhattan Dermatology in Manhattan Beach, Dr. Magovern sees a variety of skin conditions that could have been prevented if her patients had used sunscreen and managed time in the sun when they were younger. She knows the importance of sunscreen on children. Just two blistering sunburns as a child dramatically increase your risk of melanoma, the deadly kind of skin cancer.

As the mother of two young girls, Dr. Magovern wanted to make sure that whatever they use is good for them—and actually works. She and Rachel decided to create a mineral-based sunscreen which provides the broadest range of UV protection and is safe on skin of all types. Mineral (or physical) sunscreens are less irritating to skin and don’t contain chemicals that many parents are trying to avoid. They made sure to include ingredients that soothe, calm, and protect skin of all ages, tones, and types.

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