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5 Ways We're Simplifying Our Life This Summer

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5 Ways We're Simplifying Our Life This Summer

Let them have some independence. Blake’s famous words lately are “I do it myself” and Branden is indepenedent with most things at this point in life, too. It’s important to me that they grow into self-suffient adults and I think that starts with small tasks that are age appropriate. One thing that we are loving this summer that is also making life easier for me is Project Sunscreen’s toxic-free, reef-friendly sunscreen that the kids can actually apply without help.

You probably read about me introducing them last month, and these cool, brightly colored sunscreens that roll on and rub in with ease are still a part of our life. Developed by moms, who know the pain of trying to find a safe sunscreen for our children and also the struggle to get it on their bodies, this amazing product was literally developed to make everyone’s lives easier. And you know what? We are obsessed!

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