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Easter Basket Alternatives For A Different Easter


Easter Basket Alternatives For A Different Easter

Another one of our new faves, and perfect for inclusion in Easter baskets is Project Sunscreen’s Roll-on sunscreen. Created by two moms who have backgrounds in public health and education, this roll-on sunscreen was created to be a better sunscreen for their kids and family. Co-founder Rachel Henderson is a native of New Zealand and Australia, and definitely familiar with being safe with sun. She wanted to make sure her kids were using products that were easy to use and protected them, so she and her dermatologist friend Dr. Ashley Magovern collaborated to create an easy-to-use and FUN sunscreen.

Yes, you read that right, FUN. Kids actually WANT to put this mineral-based sunscreen on and it’s made so that it doesn’t irritate skin but instead soothes, calms and PROTECTS skin of all ages and types. We especially love the baby roll-on because let’s be real–putting sunscreen on babies is not always fun, is it mamas? Project Sunscreen makes it easier for sure.

Project Sunscreen is also cruelty-free and they won’t sell in countries that do conduct animal testing. It’s a reef-friendly product as it only uses zinc oxide and titanium oxide, and since summer’s coming (we promise!), it’s a great time to stock up.

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