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Applying sunscreen every day can keep our skin looking young and protect us from the damaging rays of the sun. Yet, many of us still choose to venture outside unprotected. We often ignore the advice of dermatologists because sunscreen lotions are messy to apply and often leave our hands feeling sticky and our skin oily.

However, there is another way, and that’s with roll-on sunscreens. Our roll-on sunscreens provide all the protection of creams and lotions without the mess – and they can even be fun to apply!

Rolls on in 60 Seconds

Project Sunscreen’s roll-on sun protection takes all of the mess and guesswork out of the equation. You don’t have to fret over how much you should apply, and even kids find them quick and easy to use. 

Just unscrew the cap topper, shake well and use the roll-on applicator to liberally apply our cruelty-free mineral sunscreen 15 minutes before you go outside. The whole process should take no more than a minute.

Roll-on applicators also make reapplying sunscreen every couple of hours or after swimming far less of a hassle, and our quick-drying formula won’t leave your skin feeling sticky. As a bonus, you don’t have to worry about any messy leakage caused by a loose cap.

100% Mineral-based

If you are looking for a way to protect your family from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, there are two options available.

Chemical sunscreens are absorbed by the skin and convert UV rays into heat. Mineral sunscreens sit on top of the skin and form an invisible physical barrier.

While chemical sunscreens do provide protection, their active ingredients can seep into the bloodstream. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the chemicals in these sunscreens can find their way into the bloodstream after a single use and remain in the body for a very long time.

This hazard is not something you have to worry about if you use mineral sunscreens.

At Project Sunscreen, we use natural ingredients like zinc oxide to protect you from the sun, hydrate your skin and create products so mild you can use them on babies.

Here are just a few of the things that you will not find in our sunscreens:

  • Parabens: These are preservatives found in some sunscreens that have been linked to cancer and reproductive issues and may disrupt hormones.
  • Benzene: This chemical has been linked to leukemia and is classed as a carcinogen by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, but it still finds its way into some sunscreens.
  • Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA): PABA was once the primary UV blocker used in sunscreens, but it is not as common today because of its link to allergic dermatitis and thyroid problems. It is also the substance that causes sunscreens to leave a white residue on your clothing.
  • Oxybenzone: This chemical, which can still be found in some sunscreens, disrupts hormones and has been linked to reproductive toxicity.
  • Fragrance: In addition to being free of nasty ingredients, Project Sunscreen products are also fragrance-free.

There you have it: Sun protection you can feel good about using on your kids and yourself!

Patent Pending Cap Topper

At Project Sunscreen, we try to encourage people to protect themselves against damaging UV rays by making products that are as easy to use as possible. Our patent-pending cap topper is an example of how following this philosophy leads to real-world solutions.

When pocket space is at a premium, and you have more things to carry than space available, our innovative design allows you to simply hook your sun protection to a backpack, stroller or tote bag.

Our cap toppers are available in eight vibrant colors that you can mix and match, and they are made tough enough to withstand any punishment that you or your family can dish out.

The Sun Protection You Need

Dermatologists recommend that people use sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 30, but that isn’t the complete picture.

Here’s why...

An SPF rating tells us how much longer we can be exposed to sunlight before our skin begins to redden, but it only measures protection against UVB rays. Scientists have discovered that UVA rays are not blocked by the ozone layer. They’ve also discovered that UVA rays can penetrate glass and penetrate deeper into the skin than UVB rays.

To protect yourself and your family from both UVA and UVB rays, you should look for a sunscreen that offers what is known as broad spectrum protection. You should also look for products with SPF ratings of 50 rather than 30 as this improvement in protection allows 50% less UV radiation to reach your skin. 

Project Sunscreen products are water resistant, have an SPF rating of 50 and offer broad spectrum protection. Just reapply them every two hours or after swimming to take the stress and worry out of enjoying the great outdoors.

Aussie-Inspired, Professionally Developed

If Project Sunscreen products seem different, it could be because their award-winning designs are inspired by designs that are inspired by Australia's unspoiled beauty, including iconic Bondi Beach, the tropical rainforests of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef.

What’s more? Project Sunscreen was founded in 2016 by two moms who wanted to combine their love of easy-to-use rollerball-based Australian sunscreen with their clinical knowledge of the importance of regular sun protection. One of them has a background in public health, and the other is a distinguished dermatologist.

Other Key Points:

Also, today’s consumers think about more than how well the products they buy will work. For instance, they are concerned about sustainability, the environment and the way products are developed and tested. 

Here are some major key points that make our products different and sought after:

  • Cruelty free: None of the products offered by Project Sunscreen have been tested on animals.
  • Ocean and reef friendly: Project Sunscreen does not use ingredients that are dangerous to marine life or have been linked to reef bleaching.
  • Safe for kids: Our products are powerful enough to protect you against UVA and UVB rays but so gentle they can be used on babies and toddlers.
  • Loved by everyone: Our unique, easy to apply, roll-on sunscreen is loved by kids big and small and encourages usage.

Sunscreen Made Easy

A few of the major takeaways here are that the sunscreens on the shelves of supermarkets and drug stores were developed by multinational corporations, tested on animals, and may contain ingredients that could damage your health.

Our "Project" is to shake up the predictable world of sunscreen with the intention of improving skin health for generations to come – all with an easily applied, effective roll-on product.

If you would prefer a cruelty-free, effective and sustainable alternative, you can purchase Project Sunscreen products online on our website.

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