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Strange days, indeed. At least right now. Thanks to coronavirus, normal routines are upended. Daily work/life balance has taken on a whole new meaning as days melt into one another and we parents are adding the title “educator” to our job descriptions. While playdates, holidays, and birthday parties may take on a different tone (thanks, technology!), and our kids learn a new term, “social distancing,” it’s more important than ever to maintain a sense of normalcy as we go about our days.

This means go outside and play. Sensibly.

It’s all common sense, really. Outside is not closed. In fact, vitamin D, exercise and fresh air are good for the body, mind and soul—as well as immunity. Being outdoors just makes us happy and reduces stress! So, while you may not get as much time outside these days as usual due to COVID-19, you should still soak up as much fresh air and sunshine as possible. Playing outside, walking, running, biking are all still on the calendar—just with more distance between friends and facial masks. Need some ideas? Look here.

With regard to wearing sunscreen during this time of self-quarantine, keep in mind that the sun has not stopped shining, which means we need to keep our sunscreen habits intact. We, of course, advocate for sunscreen all day, every day.

So even if you are only traveling as far as your backyard or walking the dog, don’t forget to apply it before heading out. Or, if the majority of your time is inside as you work from home and your newly created home office has big, bright windows? Wear sunscreen, as the sun’s harmful UV rays can penetrate through the glass.

Use sunscreen even on cold or cloudy days—you can check your local UV index here which will help you determine how long you can safely be in the sun and when your skin is most at risk for sun damage. There’s no connection between hotter weather and a higher index. Also, UV rays are sneaky and can reflect off water, cement, sand, and snow, so don’t forget to roll on before you responsibly roll out or plant yourself in front of the computer. You’re still brushing your teeth and combing your hair while quarantined; it’s part of your everyday routine. The same goes with wearing sunscreen—everyone, everywhere, every day.

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