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It's the last hurrah of summertime—and what better way to celebrate than with a day at the beach? Regardless if you are out for an afternoon, or looking to escape for the day, you'll probably need to stock up on some basic necessities to ensure that your outing is a success. That said, we’ve put together a list that we’ve split into 12 beach day essentials and 12 beach bag essentials to prepare you before you head out!

First up are the 12 unique and practical beach essentials to pack for your next coastal day:

1. Sunscreen

Protecting you and your family's skin is of utmost importance, and the best and safest ones to get are ones that are mineral sunscreens only like Project Sunscreen's Aerial Beach. Aerial Beach has broad-spectrum protection and an SPF 50, and this combination will protect you from the sun all throughout your trip.

2. A Beach Hat

Hats are always on trend at the beach, and there is nothing that says summer fashion like an oversized beach hat. And besides looking trendy, the accessory will help you stay cool and protect your face from getting burnt under all of those UV rays.

3. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a cute beach accessory, but the wrong type can allow damaging UV rays to crash your beach party and harm your delicate peepers! Instead, bring along a pair that are UV400 rated since they offer UVA and UVB protection. J + S makes a stylish aviator pair of sunglasses that are UV400 rated and polarized to give your eyes protection from bright glare.

4. Sun-Protective Clothing

You can bump up the sun protection factor while you are at the beach with sun-protective clothing. Look for those with a UPF 50+ rating, which is the highest level of protection from harmful UV radiation you can get. These garments keep your covered skin safe and sound from direct sunlight for hours at a time!

5. A Cooler

Bringing along a lunch and snacks for your beach day is always an excellent idea, but can become challenging if you don't bring along the right types of coolers. Stylish soft-sided coolers are perfect to take down to the sand without taking up too much space in your car or backpack.

6. A Beach Umbrella

For those who are sensitive to the sun, it is best that you stay out of direct sunlight for the majority of your beach day. For these individuals or groups with kids in tow, a good umbrella can be an essential item during your time at the shoreline. It will also help keep sand from getting everywhere.

7. Sand Toys

Little ones will have a blast playing with sand toys while the sun is shining down on them. This is one of those items that are great to bring along since they can be used in multiple ways around your day at the beach. A few good ones to bring along include shovels, pails, bubble blowers and toy cars.

8. A Beach Tent

For you and your family, a beach tent is almost like an additional room that can provide shade from the sun. It also will keep sand at bay while offering privacy for changing clothes or taking on naps when needed!

9. A Beach Chair or Hammock

Sometimes, it's nice to kick back and relax on the hot sand at the beach in a chair while watching everyone else play all day. A hammock is also a good option to bring along for those who want to take a load off while soaking up some sun. Having your own beach chair or hammock for doing just that will make you feel like royalty in no time!

10. A Beach Mat or Blanket

There are several uses for a beach mat or blanket that you can take to the shoreline with you. You could lay it out on the sand and sit, lie down, sunbathe, read, etc. Also, they make sand-free beach blankets that will keep the pesky grains of fine sand that are just waiting to get onto your skin and clothes.

11. Beach Reads

To help pass time on those long summer days spent by the water on the seashore or lakeshore, consider bringing along a good novel or magazine to read during your time at the shoreline. There are plenty of options out there, so you can find something that is right up your alley while also being easy on the eyes. Ebook readers are options too, so bring one along in your bag if they are your preferred technology.

12. A Beach Bag or Tote

This accessory can double as a shopping bag for when you are done with your day at the beach. You'll be able to fit beach essentials such as sunscreen, sunglass case, snacks or other things you might want during your time spent outdoors on a hot summer's day. In addition, there are plenty out there with fun patterns or lots of pockets for you to choose from!



Speaking of bags and totes, our second list of 12 beach bag essentials focuses on what to put in yours and bring along for your day of frolicking at the beach:

1. Roll-On Sunscreen

It is best to keep sunscreens in roll-on form because they easily fit in a bag and will go on easier and cover more body surfaces than typical sunscreen bottles. Plus, you'll be able to avoid the messy hands that might come with trying to rub lotion all over your skin during a hot day! One to try is Project Sunscreen’s Tropical Palms, as it is cruelty-free, reef-safe and comes with a cap topper to hook on to your beach bag, backpack or stroller.

2. A Good Beach Towel

A beach towel that can fit in your beach bag or tote will be a nice addition to bring along for the day. It can also double as something you sit on while lounging in your beach chair or one part of a towel wall during an impromptu game of Frisbee! There are plenty of luxe beach towels out there that contain fun, vibrant designs and patterns for you to choose from too.

3. Sunscreen for Your Face

You get blasted by the sun's rays directly and indirectly when the beach sun reflects it back at you. Your face gets most of the punishment too, so be sure facial sunscreen makes its way into your bag before setting off on your beach excursion. You can use it in addition to your sunscreen or just on its own for a refreshing and revitalizing experience!

4. SPF Lip Balm

Your lips are often neglected when slathering on the facial sunscreen, but they are another part of your face that needs protection when you are enjoying the beach. There are many great lip balms out there with SPF in them, so make sure to toss one into your bag before leaving home!

5. A Water Bottle

Trendy water bottles that sport colorful designs look they belong by your side while you are lounging at the beach. They will also help you stay hydrated in the hot sun, while also keeping the plastic that comes from disposable water bottles out of the landfill. Ones that have an anti-spill design are perfect for carrying around in your beach tote.

6. Healthy Snacks

Superman ice cream and salty chips from the concession stand may be good for the kiddies, but they are not exactly a healthy snack for you. Keep yourself from getting hangry at the beach by packing your own health-conscious snacks in your bag instead! Cut up veggies, nuts, fruit, trail mix and even homemade cookies are all great options to pack.

7. Bug Spray

The beach is no place to be bitten by bugs either. Make sure you have bug spray in your bag before heading to the shoreline just in case! There are tons out there that protect against mosquito bites and other insects, so pick one that will keep them from bugging you while also being safe for your skin.

8. Cover Up

A cover-up dress that is lightweight, breezy and easy to pack in your beach bag or tote will be a nice addition. You can wear it over your swimsuit when you are done swimming for the day, while also protecting yourself from the glare from sand during playtime too.

9. A Bluetooth Speaker

Bringing along a waterproof Bluetooth speaker will help you create the perfect mood for your beach day, whether it's listening to upbeat music or watching everyone sing into karaoke microphones together in harmony. You can even go with one that is solar-powered for convenience!

10. Headphones

There are many personal audio devices out there, so bringing along some headphones for your beach day is a good idea. These can be ones that go over the ears or in them to keep you from being bombarded by noise all around you while also staying entertained on your own at the same time.

11. Bathing Suit

A bathing suit should be part of every good beach day bag because you never know when you will want to jump in the water and cool off. Keep it comfortable so that you can really enjoy yourself, while also making sure it is stylish as well!

12. Smartphone

Your smartphone will give you a way to entertain yourself, and you may also want to use it as your camera for capturing moments while having fun in the sun! Also, if you are only packing some roll-on sunscreen, a wallet and a smartphone with a water-resistant phone cover or pouch, you can get away with using a small accessory such as a bum bag instead of lugging around a large beach tote.

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